Recreational Ponds | Natural Swimming Pools (NSP)

Recreational Ponds | Natural Swimming Pools ( NSP) | Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tn. 38305

From a Waterfall on your Swimming Pool, to an Organic, Chemical Free Natural Swimming Pond (NSP), Carters Nursery Pond & Patio can help you from design to completion.

A traditional pool with one of our custom built waterfalls OR a full blown Recreational Pond, Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio can help you from Design to Completion!

Swimming and playing in naturally filtered, chemical free water is a joy! Clean and crystal clear, filtered only with biological filtration & plants – surrounded by the beauty of nature… Sound good?










We can even design and build a natural clay bottom ponds, complete with a beach, waterfalls, Islands, aquatic plants, fish & more









Recreational Ponds & Natural Swimming Pools (NSP) are :
  • Low Maintenance – Taking care of your Natural  Pool/Pond is fun & simple. Skimmers help  with the removal of physical debris & mother nature keeps the water clean and clear.
  • Beautiful – The sight and sound of crystal clear flowing water & nature = Instant Beauty.
  • Safer – Swim without the exposure to toxic chemicals! This also helps the environment!
  • Can be designed to fit anywhere a traditional pool or pond can go.– Always custom designed, VERY flexible and always a work of art!
  • Great for Birds, Butterflies and pets – All the benefits and none of the drawbacks! Your pets can safely drink from the feature and the birds bathe and splash around in the available water.
  • Add value to your home!



Sometimes just kicking your shoes off and putting your feet in the cool water is a thing of beauty 😊 Recreational Ponds are great for the whole family. AND, most importantly – you will enjoy them all year long.




We personally design ALL of our Recreational Ponds and NSP features. Each one is a work of art and we take pride in that! These features on average start at $50,000.00 and up, custom designed and installed.*


* Call with questions or to set up a personal Design Consultation today! #  731-424-2206.


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